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Nola Healy Lynch, Certified Educational Planner


Welcome to Northwest College Search, offering comprehensive college counseling services, including preparation, search, application, and financial aid advice, for students and their families.

Getting into and paying for college, conservatory, or art school do not have to be anxiety-filled processes. If a student works hard and plans well and if parents value education, the road to college and beyond can be smooth.

Experience matters! I have worked with high school students since 2001, and I have seen how individual circumstances play out in the college application process. I work constantly to stay informed about changes in the college admissions field, and I visit campuses regularly. I am a member of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, the umbrella organization that incorporates independent counselors, high school counselors, and college admissions professionals. I also belong to the Higher Education Consultants Association and the Pacific Northwest Association for College Admissions Counseling. In December of 2013 I became a Certified Educational Planner, a designation reserved for experienced advisers who have satisfied rigorous requirements and passed a test.

Work with me to clarify your goals and options, plot a course through high school, plan for appropriate testing, investigate and apply for good-fit colleges, and apply for financial aid. Throughout the entire process I work closely with the student as a guide and advocate. I have special expertise in the performing and visual arts, but I also have broad general knowledge of North American colleges and universities and can serve many types of student.

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